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32 George Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29401
Toll free: 888-723-1667,(843) 723-9339 , FAX (843) 723-7749
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Cancel Reservation:

If you cancel five days or more before arrival date, we remove your reservation from our books, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel less than five days before arrival date, we make every effort to rebook the room, so you will not be billed for the dates reserved.

If you need to cancel, you need to call our toll free number 888-723-1667 and speak to a REAL person, leaving a message or emailing is not sufficient.

If you booked your reservation online, and there is still five days or more before your arrival date a reservation tracking number is required to cancel your reservation online. If you do not have one, please call (843) 723-9339 or toll free number 888-723-1667 to cancel your reservation.

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